Monday, 26 August 2013

PHP Easy Installation Tutorial

PHP Easy Installation Tutorial is for beginners guide to install PHP with Apache and MySQL. In future this tutorial explain more about how to create database , PHP Page and make pages secure using XAMPP. This tutorial is very basic tutorial for users who want to use PHP and write their first code in PHP. There are following steps to install PHP on Windows.
  1. Open Google in your browser.
  2. Type XAMPP and Search.
  3. Click on apache friends - XAMPP.
  4. Choose XAMPP for Windows (XAMPP for other Operating systems also available.
  5. Go Down and click on XAMPP Under download Heading.
  6. Now Click on Installer.
  7. Your download will start automatically.
  8. Now open Installer Exe and choose location and press Next and Follow other steps.
  9. After Installation complete please copy XAMPP Folder in any of your secondary drive.
  10. Now Click on XAMPP Folder and choose xampp-control.exe and then Start apache and Mysql as shown below.

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